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Parrot Video Clips
Listed below is a selection of Parrot Video Clips.
We need your Video Clips
If you have a Parrot related Video you would like to send to us then send it via email to me Here.
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All Parrot video Clips are large files, Please do be patient whilst they load. Enjoy..
'Scooby' In her cage outside in the Garden
00.00.47 hr/min/sec
Line Break
Linda's Blue and Gold Macaw (Charlie) enjoying a Snack
00.00.11 hr/min/sec
Line Break
Clever Parrot
00.03.01 hr/min/sec
Line Break
Please be patient whilst the following Clips load
Parrot Video Clips

Amazon Parrot - Poncho, a 30 year old amazon, uses one of his feathers to help s cratch his head! He was not taught to do this, he figur ed it out on his own! He will also use other objects besides feathers for the same purpose, like pencils, straws, toys, etc.

This is a remake of a previous video, with subtitles added for clarification. Enjoy our little girl chatting it up!

Amazon Parrot - Ellen DeGeneres and Quito the talking parrot.

African Grey - 11 year old African Grey with a 400 word vocabulary - Well worth watching this, gets better towards the end of the video.
Budgerigar / Parakeet - This little Parrakeet can talk up a storm... pretty impressive.


Parrot Video Clips



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